IT Consulting

IT Support Services

a. L1, L2, L3, and ranging up to L7 IT support.

  1. Understand and effectively address customer needs.
  2. Create a constructive and optimistic customer experience.
  3. Well defined and established, Time-Complexity matrix of escalation.
  4. Documented knowledge management to enable constant learning and build-up of case studies, thus, evolving with every customer.
  5. Service levels matrix,

I. Level 1 – Basic help-desk resolutions and service desk level delivery.

  1. Support basic customer issues; attend to service desk level requests that need IT Support involvement.
  2. Lower-level personnel trained to solve already known problems and to fulfill by the script.
  3. Escalate to Level 2 if no resolution. 
  1. Support by experienced and knowledgeable service technicians, to attend to non-resolvable tickets of Level 1.
  2. Support personnel with deep knowledge of the product or service but not necessarily the engineers or programmers who designed or developed the product.
  3. If no satisfactory resolution, level 2 escalates to level 3.

I. Level 2 – In-depth technical support.

III. Level 3 – in-field service by service expert.

  1. Attended by the highest technical personnel who are well experienced in the service. 

b. Back office and post-sales services via live chat and E-Mail.

c. Capability in handling technical and non-technical support.

d. Remote monitoring services.

e. Database support services.

f. IT Infrastructure support services.

g. Experienced data processing and maintenance services.

h. Network support and contingency support services.

i. All days of the week, 24X7X52 services are provided, with contingency handling experience to avoid black out’s.


Voice Services

  1. We provide inbound and outbound voice services, not pre-scripted.
  2. Round-the-clock support, providing voice interactions to customers.
  3. Dedicated seats per location currently operational spread over different shifts.
  4. 24×7 service for inbound and chat provided throughout the year.

On-site deployment for clients

  1. Weprovide onsite deployment activities at various levels of complexity for our clients.
  2. On-time field services including the installation of software, hardware replacement for equipment both under warranty and comprehensive AMC.

ITES – Our establishment can provide the following services

a. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  1. Back office operations – payment processing, IT Services, quality assurance, post, and pre-sales processing, quoting support.
  2. Front office operations – Marketing support, sales, customer relations, and grievance redressed.
  3. Advantages of working with us:
    • Lower costs.
    • Higher and proved efficiency.
    • Rest assured, we help you focus on your core business.
    • No media in and No media out policy, Security of information and protection on data leaks.
    • No hidden costs, No communication barriers.

b. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) –Providing support services in niche field of Electronics Product Development, Design and Assembly.

  • Provided by high-end, highly qualified and knowledgeable, and highly experienced professionals.
  • Driven by insights and completely judgment based with deep application and understanding of business or vertical.


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