PCB Design Services

Includes of services ranging to preproduction processing, helping our customers with lesser turn-around time owing to significant and remarkable experience of our engineers.

PCB Design Services

Our Process

Schematic Capture
  • Fundamental to the design process, a representation of symbols (ASCII and DIN) connected by nets.
  • Selection and placements of parts in design pane.
  • Experienced team of engineers, well versed with extensive database of parts libraries.
  • Adds flexibility to your project management and product development, ironing out design flaws at the earliest stage.
Determine Shape & Dimensions
  • Board outline can be cut into any share and size for a form factor that meets required design and is important to finalizing a product.
  • Analyse Schematic information: Through, multiple levels of checks, verification’s and validations, done to the schematic information.
  • Verify design and generate documentation: Design verification is done broadly based on the following categories of DRC,
    1. PCB design Broad constraint guidelines – Associated with overall board size, shape and other factors that influence overall board design or functionality.
    2. PCB design Layout guidelines – Are the design guidelines that should be addressed before the main design starts.
    3. PCB design Layers guidelines – Are guidelines citing optimal layer design.
    4. Track design guidelines – Guidelines dealing with the aspects of track size, width, PCB board to pad ratio and pad shapes.
    5. Thermal issues – Guidelines dealing with cooling aspects and heat sink spacing.
    6. Signal integrity and RF considerations – Guidelines associated with Signal integrity, RF and EMC considerations.
Define board and layer stack
  • Involves importing details of PCB outline to PCB layout software programme
  • Set up any reference marks and holes, required for pick and place machines, or test fixtures during the production process.
Place Components
  • Components are placed onto the printed circuit board so that they are available to be moved and set in place later.
Place Drill Holes – Mounting and vias
  • The placed components are now moved into their respective functional blocks.
Route Traces – Based on route guidelines
  • Assigning gold air wires into the top or bottom copper traces and make sure to avoid overlapping two different signals.
Perform design DRC & Labelling
  • Involves performing Design Rule check and component labelling, identifiers, polarity indicators, pin1 indicators and any other customer specific requirements.
Generate Design Flies for Manufacturing
  • Involves generation of Gerber/ODB++ files, Drill files, Board outline files, other files in case of blind/buried files, mechanical files, centroid files etc.

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