Why TurnKey-PCB

Why Us


  • 24X7X52 team of dedicated, experienced and well trained Engineers to operate in your time zones.
  • We understand your needs and set up front-end services team in India based on your rules and procedures, and also share screen.
  • Highly competent back up team to handle demand spikes, down times.
  • 24X7X52 Customer Request Handling, to help you get back to your customer before your competitor does.
  • Years of background in handling services and Front End Engineering.
  • Through documentation, process alphabetizing and testing.
  • Intricate understanding and exposure in handling PCB Fabrication orders, Consigned orders, Turnkey orders for Rigid, Rigid Flex and Flexible PCB’s.

Outsource / Contract

  • With over 3.1 Million graduates and Post-graduates are being added to Indian workforce every year, we boast of largest technical and professional talent pool in the world.
  • We offer flexible and competitive pricing options.
  • We ensure consistent high quality services.
  • This ultimately trickles down to saving your costs and such compromises involved.

Our Process

PCB Design Services

Includes of services ranging to preproduction processing, helping our customers with lesser turn-around time owing to significant and remarkable experience of our engineers.

DFM / DFA Services

We perform DFM/DFA based on the following parameters and also provide procurement and/or mounting services as required.

CAM Services

Our team at TurnKey has decades of cumulative experience in offering best in class CAM services and exposure to global manufacturing.


Quoting Services
  • It is a critical process that plays an important role in enabling companies to achieve their strategic priorities.
  • It is one of the fundamental pillars of any company’s sales operations, to deliver tangible business results.
  • Quoting services are a critical customer touch point which has become a priority owing to demands of the industry.
  • We ensure processing of your orders, while consistently providing customer and manufacturing support services.
  • Our team ensures – Speed, Quality, Volume, Efficiency, Flexibility and Knowledge, for delivery of such a critical service.

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1st Floor, H.I.G.A. 10, H.No.1-19-16
ECIL, Gokul Nagar, Dr. AS Rao Nagar
Secunderabad – 500062
Telangana, India


+91 812 599 1840